a-kiss_GkF1D5uu_SIf you’re wondering why your unhappy in your relationship; I suggest you take a good hard look at yourself first.

Are you happy with your own life, your career, school, your friends, family, leisure activities, your body image, health, your self-esteem, personal growth…

Many times our own unhappiness spills over onto our relationships and falsely we think there’s something wrong with our partner and our relationship.

Is your partner really happy with their own life, personal growth etc.

Here’s how to figure out if your happy and what to do if you’re not.

Take an honest look at the topics I mentioned above, like career, friends, personal growth etc. See if there are any that good use some attention.

6 Things to Do:

  1. See what you can change in your life, try something new
  2. Read the book- “Rewire”
  3. Schedule some sessions with a therapist to aid you in having insight about yourself.
  4. Share with your partner where you’re at and what you’re working on.
  5. Suggest your partner look at their own happiness and see what could use attention.
  6. Next time you argue with your partner stop and look at yourself! Own your stuff!

Your relationship will flourish when you and your partner feel good about yourselves!

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