Psychotherapy is often called “talk therapy”, because that’s essentially what it is; an ongoing therapeutic conversation between therapist and client. Throughout this “conversation”, we will discuss matters that you find to be troubling, focus on your inherent strengths to help you find solutions, and explore how various factors may be affecting your current difficulties.

Psychotherapy is a process that’s a lot like learning. Through therapy, people learn about themselves. They discover ways to overcome troubling feelings or behaviors, develop inner strengths or skills, or make changes in themselves or their situations. Our work together can also focus on improving your self esteem, learning how your thoughts control your mood, decreasing anxiety and depression, improving self-esteem, and addressing adjustment disorders.

Interpersonal therapy focuses on your current relationships with other people. The goal is to improve your interpersonal skills — how you relate to others, including family, friends and colleagues. You learn how to evaluate the way you interact with others and develop strategies for dealing with relationship and communication problems.



In Individual Therapy, the patient is often discussing interactions with others that have happened outside the therapeutic environment. These are all in the past tense and filtered through the patient’s eyes and recollections.