leather-couch-11-1574434-639x961Are you feeling distant from your partner? More fights lately, rather than good talks?

Most times, it’s the “way we communicate” with one another that needs some tweaking rather than the content of your disagreements. Once you can talk; you can work out anything together!

Reasons for Couple’s Video Counseling

  1. Come straight home from work, have dinner and then sit on your sofa with your partner while we talk… Or maybe you both have a break in your day and want to talk then…
  2. Save time, money for gas and the cost of a babysitter.
  3. Feel the intimacy and privacy from talking in your own home. You’ll be surprised how comfortable you feel sharing intimate things about yourself with a little personal space from video therapy.
  4. Less Costly

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Ilissa Banhazl, Marriage & Family Therapy


Free consultation session! What have you got to lose!

Individual and Family Video Therapy available. Please inquire!


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