information-family-couples-counseling-cucamonga-caI heard this saying the other day and it made so much sense. Irresistible impulse or unable to resist impulse.

We could be talking about something as simple as a behavior you’d like to change to full on addiction.

The point here is choice.

When we are physically addicted to a substance then irresistible urge fits. Your body craves even needs and it takes a medical team to help you wean off.

However, many times people think that they can not resist a behavior but actually if they stopped for a moment to think rationally, they might decide to resist; having other coping tools in place. I’m not trying to make it seem easy, just possible.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Am I physically addicted to this behavior or substance?
  2. Do I have coping skills in place for changing habitual behavior or do I need to consider short-term counseling to learn these?
  3. Is this behavior helping or hurting me?

Changing or stopping behaviors is possible if you are willing to focus and put in the work.

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