stress_fyGzwkwO_SMost of us are walking around trying to get out of our heads and feel present. It’s hard with so many distractions, responsibilities and worries. I found an app that can help you to improve this skill on a daily basis. I’m not the only one who discovered this app. Seems its getting a lot of positive attention. It’s called Headspace.

I like it because it’s only 10 minutes a day so its possible to find that much time each day. Often it starts with an animation that represents a concept such as distractions. These serve as good images to think about while clearing out the noise.

I also like that it has specific meditations for different areas of interest such as relationships, anxiety, sleep etc..

The first 10 sessions are free and then you can choose to purchase a reasonable subscription or you can repeat your free 10! If you can, I suggest you get the subscription. Keep it going.

Look for it in your apps.

Once you get out of your head and start living in the present moment you’ll feel happier and more confident.

Do you have 10 minutes a day for yourself? It’s a choice…

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