approval-15914_640Happiness is not a given. It’s not a constant state of mind. It comes and goes throughout your day/life based on your childhood, levels of exhaustion, stress, and circumstances. Some people walk around carrying the wounds from childhood and happiness in not a normal state of mind.

There are things you can focus on to increase your happiness. Change takes work; interrupting negative thoughts patterns and behaviors. How badly do you want to feel happier?

Areas to focus on are:

  1. Dwelling on the past
  2. The need for other’s approval
  3. Negative self-talk


  1. Have awareness of when you are working from the 3 areas listed above.

2. Notice the thought! Prove evidence to the contrary or start singing, dancing, repeating some fun word to yourself.

Anything to interrupt the thought and take your mind somewhere else. You may be surprised and annoyed by how many times you catch yourself at first in an hour. Be patient with yourself. Repeat this interruption technique until you find a reduction in your negative thinking in these areas. Give it a few months and you will see a change in your overall happiness,


  1. Reduce worrying about the past or future.

2. You’ll never know what others think, so just be your best self and let go of the part you can’t control.

3. Stop negative self-talk and try being nice to yourself.

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